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Narutowicza 56A, 20 - 016, Lublin, POLAND

tel/fax: +48 81 534 32 03

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Self-government Initiative Association (SIA) is one of the most recognized regional institutions conducting training, consulting, educational and promotion campaigns programs. Since 1995 the Self-government Initiative Association is actively promoting the development of polish local non-government, companies, institutions and private persons. SIA conducts programs of regional, national and international scope.


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The Association actively cooperates with institutions and local authorities both in and abroad across east Europe. SIA is conducting courses, organizing conferences, providing consulting  and releasing topic oriented publications concerning EU funding.

SIA is supporting the administrative development of Polish and Ukrainian non-government. In order to do so we conduct special courses in order to increase the skills and knowledge of administration employees. We also implement the ISO procedures, IT systems for local authorities and help in establishing service points for administration clients.


The Association’s objective is to help both Polish and Ukrainian authorities in gaining external funds. We established courses for officials and authorities concerning investment projects, writing applications and required add-ons. Within the frame of our courses are feasibility studies, environmental analysis and establishing local partnerships. We also teach how to write strategic documents which are fundamental for EU funding. The matter is covered by strategies of local development, strategies of balanced development or strategies for regional marketing. We have been prized and are well established as a training center due to the fact that we are writing and conducting our own EU funded programs (only between 2005 and 2009 we gained over 2 million Euro in grants). Because of this we can share not only theoretical but also practical information and tips.


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SIA initiates many cross-border and cross-national oriented programs. We heavily emphasize the cooperation with our neighbor Ukraine. The Association has partnership agreements with several Ukrainian cities and districts which result in joint programs and initiatives targeting courses and consulting. The common activities improve the quality of administrative service and builds a platform for sharing experiences among local government and institutions. SIA is conducting supporting programs for the Ukraine from the “Polish Foreign Help” project (The Ministry of Foreign Affairs), the INTERREG program and the POLAND-BELARUS-UKRAINE program.


The Association is covering projects concerning good practical activities and sharing experiences on a trans-border scale. In 2006 SIA won the call from the Ministry of  Regional Development concerning a television production presenting methods of applying for structural funding. Since 2001 we are publishing a free magazine “EcoRolnik”. This magazine is published nationwide and is a coherent summary of information about subsidiaries for Polish farmers and entrepreneurs. The magazine is an effective tool promoting modern and eco-friendly technologies.


The Association is an active institution on the changing job-market. Thanks to the ZPORR and POKL programs we conduct free job courses and extend staff skills. The courses cover areas like languages and IT technology. NIA helps the unemployed, persons from rural areas and constantly works for better adult education. From 2005 to 2009 several thousand people attended our courses nationwide. Our projects are evaluated positively by both participants and implementing institutions.


Self-government Initiative Association has its seat in Lublin, a historical city in east of Poland. Our institution has well prepared educational facilities and 25 employees and over 40 partners who specialize in diverse fields and areas.




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